Inspection And Testing

1. Dimension Check :

Ensure dimensional accuracy Of OD,ID,Thickness,Length,Ovality etc.

2. Surface Check :

To ensure that finished tubes are free from scale,pit marks rupture I.D. & O.D score,roll markes,dent etc.

3. Chemical Test :

To test chemical constituents & quelity parameters of raw material & finished product.

4.Mechanical Test :

Hardness Test :-
To test hardness of the tubes. It is carried out by Rockwell/Twin hardness testers.(HRC,BHN Scale).

Tensile Test :-
To check the tensile strength of the tubes.It is carried out by Electronic Digital ,Universal Testing Machine with Graphical Presentation.

Flaring Test :-
To check the ductility of material.End of tubes should be flared successfully without developing cracks.

Flattening Test :-
This test is conducted to check the strength by subjecting to extreme compression stress.

Flange Test :-
The photo besides shows a test piece subject to Flange Test as per standard.

Bend Test :-
Pipes are bent as per specification at 90 C.without developing cracks.

5. Non Destructive Test :

Hydro Test (Uo to 1500 Bar):-
To check that there should not be any leakage, 100% Hydrosatic testing is carried by precision machine on all tubes.

Eddy Current Test :-
To detect subsurface inhomogeneities from inside & outside of tubes.

Utrasinic Test :-
For detection od subsurface flaws & imperfection

Air Under Water(PNEUMATIC) :-
This test is carried out on request. It is carried out by immersing the tubes in water under compressed air to determine minior leakages.