Sainest Tubes Pvt. Ltd. is a Leading Manufacturer, Suppliers, and Exporter Of cold drawn seamless steel tubes for Fuel injection and Hydraulic tubes in India.

Sainest is one of the leading manufacturer of cold drawn seamless steel tubes for Fuel injection/Hydraulic tubes. We can manufacture tubes varying from 3mm OD to 88.9mm OD and 0.5mm to 12mm thickness.

Minimum 0.8mm ID can be manufactured on request in Fuel Injection Tubes.

We have Bright Annealed furnace which ensures scale-free tubes and good resources of R.M. for softness required in different applications.

Dimensional tolerances ± 0.05mm on ID can be achieved.

Surface Roughness 1µ is achieved.

Tubes can be supplied according to condition mentioned in ISO-8535/1-2006. Tubes can also be passivated, pickled, phosphated or zinc plated for long storage.

“Tubes are also supplied as per customer’s specific requirements.”

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